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Trusted by 1,100 institutions in 10 countries

Trusted by
1,100 institutions in 10 countries

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Storing, issuing, and verifying your documents credibly and securely through blockchain technology in the education and talent ecosystem.


Building continuity of care, expanding specialist reach, and providing secure global access to healthcare and insurance services.


Harnessing the power of technology to create a trusted digital sustainable ecosystem.


A global digital utility that links governments and businesses via public blockchain for secure exchange of trade documents

About Us

Knowledge Catalyst is a prominent provider of blockchain credential management solutions, catering to various sectors such as talent and education, health and insurance, and sustainable agriculture.

Endorsed by governmental bodies such as the PDT Covid-19 Certification in Singapore also Cross-border Trade Finance, alongside integration with the OpenCerts Consortium.

Established health and insurance ecosystem.

More than 340 clients and partners across 10 countries.