Issue, store and verify immutable and tamper-proof digital credentials

Simplify processes. Empower your organisation. Ensure verified credentials.

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Bridging the gaps in the talent ecosystem

Preparing talents for the Future of Work and connecting them through our digital credential ecosystem



Connecting stakeholders in a digital trust ecosystem to address the mismatch between the output of talent competencies and demand.

Globally-recognized digital health certificate

Issue tamper-proof and verifiable Health Certificates that are aligned with international standards and globally-approved.

Our free mobile app, Health Pass, provides travellers with a secure, digital repository to store and access their Health Certificates.

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Resume travel and other activities

I want to get my health certificate issued and stored in a digital wallet for future travel, entry to events, and other social activities.

Seamless end-to-end clinic experience

My organisation wants to reduce manual paperwork and ensure security
when issuing health certificates for patients.

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