Travel and resume activities safely with digital health certificates

Travelling, attending events, and other activities are an integral part of life. We can help you cope with the safe resumption of these activities with the right solution.

Why use Knowledge Catalyst?


Disclose your sensitive health information only to required parties


All in one app from appointment bookings to certificate storing and retrieving


Use globally-recognized health credentials across multiple stakeholders

How it works for individuals

1. Complete the required health test

Book an appointment with clinics listed on our platform to complete your health test (e.g. COVID-19 PCR swab test)

2. Receive your health certificate

Your test results (e.g. COVID-19 Negative) will be sent to your email and mobile credential wallet as a digital health certificate with a QR code

3. Verify your health certificate

Retrieve your health certificate from the credential wallet to verify your test results with other parties when required

4. Disclose certificate only to verifiers

Verifiers are able to review health certificates immediately and you would not need to leave sensitive health information with them

5. Access is verified

You can resume traveling or the participation of other activities safely

Are you ready to resume safe travel?

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