Issue globally-recognized
tamper-proof health

Our solution provides seamless connectivity between clinics, laboratories and other stakeholders, and we are compliant with international standards

Why use Knowledge Catalyst?


Disclose your sensitive health information only to required parties


All in one app from appointment bookings to certificate storing and retrieving


Use globally-recognized health credentials across multiple stakeholders

How it benefits your organisation?

Grow your business

Reach out to more incoming travellers looking to get health certificates for travel

Protect your reputation

Ensure 100% original and tamper-proof health certificates from your clinics and labs

Create a seamless client experience

Provide your clients (certificate recipients or clinics) with a seamless user experience that saves time and minimise issues

Manage the certificates you issue

Extract insights from analytics on certificates issued, maintain audit trails and minimise erroneous certificates in circulation

Recognised by authorities

Digital health certificates are recognized and can be verified by relevant authorities

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