Welcome to Safalta.io

Safalta is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘सफलता’ /saphalatā/ which means achievement, success, victory

Safalta.io was developed to give students, graduates, employers, and third parties anytime, anywhere access to certified degrees and transcripts.

Safalta.io is powered by Knowledge Catalyst, a visionary start-up with a focus on using technology to address the widening gaps of equitable learning and the future of works, especially the real challenges around getting access to quality education, acquiring and applying critical knowledge that, in turn, increases competitiveness and productivity at work.

How Safalta.io works ?

Safalta.io allows education providers to certify and upload digital versions of academic transcripts and graduation documents.

Students and graduates can then access these documents and share them with employers, education providers, and third parties online in a controlled and secure manner.

The following digital documents will be available through the Safalta.io Platform.

  • Award certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Academic Degrees from Higher Education
  • Qualification and Profesional Accreditation from Regulatory Bodies


  • Provisions documents from the education provider’s own systems.
  • Digitally certifies the digital document.
  • Provides login to document owner.
  • Can revoke or update the document.


  • Can view document with successful login/authentication.
  • Cannot upload documents.
  • Cannot alter documents.
  • Can determine who documents are shared with.


  • Can view shared document.
  • Can verify
  • Can download and save document.
  • Cannot alter or upload documents.

Benefits of Safalta.io

Education Providers

  • Speed and productivity in gaining access and verifying qualification documents.
  • Increased trust in authenticity of student records received.
  • Meet student expectations with regards to speed and accuracy of support.

Students & Graduates

  • Improved experience accessing and sharing documents.
  • Ability to provide access to verifiable study record for employers, recruiters and professional bodies.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to shareability.
  • Faster decision making by employers and education providers.


  • Speed and efficiency in gaining access and verifying qualification documents.
  • Increased trust in authenticity of student records received.
  • Faster decision making for recruiting decisions and role fulfilment.


  • Simpler and more efficient international exchange of credentials.
  • Reinforcement of quality and integrity of the Education Institution brand.

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